Last trolleys at Luzerne

On January 1, 1972, I visited the Luzerne depot at 10th and Luzerne Streets in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia. Even on a holiday, the place was hopping. It was home to trolley routes 6, 50, 53, 56 and 60 and several bus routes. A worker with a metal rod, manually triggered the switch so incoming trolleys could enter the various bays. The trolleys were more than 20 years old.

Over the next two decades, the equipment deteriorated and several trolley lines were motorized. Trolley service was suspended in 1992, when Luzerne only housed routes 23 and 56. The Luzerne depot closed in 1997 when the new Midvale bus depot opened.

On January 19, 2003, I again visited Luzerne. Luzerne was a morgue. The trolley wires were down. The facility stored ey cars and trackless trolleys--bodies awaiting disposal. In 2004, the facility was converted to a recycling plant.

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