January 2, 2005

On Sunday, January 2, I broke from the tour and explored the Old City. January 2 was the day of the monsoon. Twenty-five years ago, I visited Jerusalem and found the shouk (traditional Arab shopping mall) booming with shops, stalls and stands. However, in January 2005, business was bad. Many shops were vacant. Shopkeepers complained of the poor economy..

Inside Jaffa Gate, 2 p.m.

Despite the monsoon, it was a rich day for photography. We photographed rain pouring off roofs. I walked the ramparts from the Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall. At the Jaffa gate I witnessed three near-auto accidents, blowing umbrellas, and excitement from a heavy rain. I stood under a ledge next to the Citadel of David, trying to avoid the rain. Suddenly, a crowd poured out of the post office across the street. Police were everywhere. I never learned what had happened. Minutes before, I had been in that post office.

Post office inside Jaffa Gate, 2 p.m.

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