Voyage to Missouri

August 2012

In August 2012, we visited family in southwest Missouri. Though there were few slaves, this area was the site of the Civil War in miniature, as pro-slavery Bushwackers from Missouri engaged in a border war with Jayhawkers from the free state of Kansas.

Eldorado Springs is in neighboring Cedar County.  Founded as a resort, some of the springs are in the city park.  The main street is three blocks long.  It contains a neat coffee shop, a Mexican restaurant, a couple of gun stores, a real estate office, the opera house, a luncheonette, a church, and a newspaper office.  
Nevada, Missouri.  County seat of Vernon County, Nevada was burned by the Federals during the Civil War.   Walmart killed the downtown, leaving the California restaurant, this barber-beauty shop, an insurance agency, Democratic County headquarters, a few banks, the post office, a couple of law firms, a couple of real estate offices, and a pawn shop.