Alumnae Registry

The Bryn Mawr archives contain several forms which alumnae submitted for the Alumnae Register or Address Book. .

An index card compiled by the College staff lists the following addresses:

Fansler, Priscilla Harriet A.B. 1924
Mrs. Alger Hiss,
(formerly Mrs. Francis Thayer Hobson.)

12/31: 180 Claremont St., Cambridge, Mass.

11/33w: 3411 "O" St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
or 378 Central Park West, N.Y.C.

2/35: 2831 - 28th St., Washington, D.C.
Perm: 1427 Linden Ave., Baltimore, Md.

1/39: 3415 Volta Place, N.W., Washington, D.C.

Full: 12/43: 3210 P. St., " " 7 "

12/47: 22 E. 8th St., NYC. 3.

The Register card for 1933-34 shows her "Form of Name preferred for Address: Mrs. Alger Hiss." Her permanent address is listed as "378 Central Park West, New York City" Her winter address is listed as "3411 - O - Street, N.W., Washington, DC." She lists her occupation as "Research." As for degree received she lists "MA" from Columbia in 1929.

The Register card for 1934-35, shows her permanent address as "1427 Linden Ave, Baltimore, Md." He winter address is listed as "2831 - 28 St., N.W., Washington, DC." She lists her occupation as "Research."

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The Register card for 1935-36 shows the same permanent address, but lists the winter address as "2905 P Street, N.W., Washington, D.C." She leaves the occupation blank.

The Register card to be returned by November 1, 1941, lists her Bryn Mawr degree as "AB" "1924." Her mailing address is "3415 Volta Place, N.W., Washington, D.C." Her permanent address is "c/o Department of State, Washington, D.C." She states the date of her marriage as "Dec. 11, 1929." She notes "Married Thayer Hobson July 25, 1925 Divorced 1928." She lists her children under Boys "Timothy Hobson Sept 18, 1926" and "Anthony Hiss Aug 5, 1941." She lists other degrees as "MA 1929 Columbia."

The Register card for 1947-48 lists her mailing address as "22 E. 8th St., N.Y. 3, N.Y." She lists two male children, born 1926 and 1941. She lists her occupation as "Teacher" at the Dalton School, N.Y. City 1947 -." Her husband's occupantion is "President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace."

The Register card for 1966 lists her name as "Priscilla Hiss (Mrs. Alger Hiss)." Her address is 22 E. Eighth St., New York, N.Y. 10003. She lists her present position as "Copy editor Harcourt, Brace & World."

The Register card stamped July 27, 1972 lists her Columbia degree as "Engl lit." Her family status is "separated." She lists her position as "Senior Editor" and checks the form for paid and full time. Her employer is "Golden Press" at "850 Third Ave NYC 10022." Her responsiblity is "editing nature + children's books." She lists herself as "Member Exec Committee Village Independent Democrats official club

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